Cyclists at Benson Marina. Photo by April Gordon

2013 CAPSA Cruising to Stop Abusing


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Photographed by Michael Gordon (5000 series and 6000 series) and April Gordon (7000 series) on 28 September 2013. Permission is hereby granted for CAPSA and persons depicted herein to utilize these photographs as each sees fit.

After scraping ice off automobile windows, proceeded to the Wellsville Pavilion for an 8 a.m. departure. It was very cold. Fortunately the sun shone today. It hadn't been seen much in the previous few weeks (and indeed resumed cloudy and rain the day following). For the most part it was perfect riding weather although the prevailing wind from the southwest, and going west and then south up hills in the vicinity of Clarkston, made things difficult for cyclists on the 72 mile route.

Routes have been chosen for safety and beauty, generally speaking the "roads less taken" with gorgeous views of Cache Valley and the mountains to east and to west.

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